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The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a significant global health concern. At Process 26, our highest priority is the health and safety of our people, clients, suppliers, and the broader community where we live and work.

As developments surrounding COVID-19 progress, we are actively monitoring the situation and we have developed plans and procedures in line with the latest information available to us from the Federal Government, various State Governments and associated Industry bodies that we are affiliated with.

The steps we are taking to prevent infection are based on preventative infection controls and social distancing measures. These include reducing worker concentrations, increased cleaning and sanitation services, and working with our clients and suppliers to adjust work processes as necessary. We have protocols to assess the need for any work-related travel, rearranged meeting schedules and implemented remote working protocols.

As with all changes that impact our lives and livelihoods, we acknowledge the increased pressures that have been placed upon our people during this period. To that end, we are working hard to ensure that our people are still supported by the Process 26 team environment whilst ensuring that they have access to support mechanisms such as our Employee Assistance Program.

We will implement further changes or adjustments to our business as needed to help protect the health and safety of those around us.

Take care.