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Argyle HPGR Grinder Project

Argyle HPGR Grinder Project

Argyle Diamond Mine
Argyle Diamonds Limited
Engineering, Procurement, Construction

The High Pressure Rolls Crushers (HPRC) at Argyle utilize continuous operation disc grinders on each of the crushing rolls to maintain a flat and parallel surface within the crushing chamber. The original grinding machines required the HPRC to be shut down every 12 hours to change out the grinding wheels. In addition to causing significant downtime, this activity exposed the operators to risk as the works were performed in close proximity to the hot and curved rolls surface.

Process 26 performed the mechanical and electrical design for replacement grinding machines which achieved the following criteria:

  • Fully automated operation.
  • Disc changes performed whilst the HPRC was operational.
  • Interchangeability between fixed and floating rolls on two different HPRC machines.
  • Doubling of operating hours through the use of dual grinding wheels.
  • Precise control over the position of the grinding wheels through use of robotic servo motors.

Integration into the existing site electrical control system.

Process 26 manufactured 5 replacement units and completed the installation and commissioning within a 72 hour window on site. The new machines have provided significant improvements in functionality, capability and operational safety.