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Cockburn Cement Kiln 6 Bagfilter Upgrade Project

Cockburn Cement Kiln 6 Bagfilter Upgrade Project

Munster, WA
Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd

Adelaide Brighton Cement undertook a capital works program at the Cockburn Cement Munster operations to ensure compliance with environmental obligations. Statewide Industrial Maintenance Pty Ltd, an existing contractor, partnered with Process 26 to perform the installation works. The P26SIMJV joint venture was successful in winning the works in a competitive tender.
The scope of works included the installation of:

  • Bag Filter, including hoppers, plenum, casing, penthouse and bags
  • Heat Exchanger, including cross over ducts, fans and access way
  • ID Fan and motor
  • All insulation and cladding
  • All support structures and connection to adjoining ductwork 

Components of the bag filter and heat exchanger were supplied free issue in containers. All other duct work and support structures were also supplied free issue.