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Modular Primary Sample Station

Modular Primary Sample Station


Process 26 has recognized the requirement in the market for a modular sampling system that can be integrated into a processing plant for applications where a manual sample is needed.

This would typically take the form of a belt grab or a stockpile grab. By developing this sampler, Process 26 has allowed the sample to be taken safely by personnel without any impact on production.

The cantilevered design means the sampler can be installed over a slewing stacker without the requirement for an extra conveyor, and still achieve up to 180 degrees of slewing range.

A custom belt drive sampler complete with collector spoon discharges material onto a conveyor which transfers material into a 20l bucket or similar.

The system is manually activated via a control panel mounted adjacent to the sample bucket.

The sampler will fit on a standard single trailer and can be assembled on site with the use of a Franna crane in less than a day. Power requirements is a single 32A three phase outlet.