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Nammuldi Primary Crushing Circuit & Overland Conveyor

Nammuldi Primary Crushing Circuit & Overland Conveyor

Cape Crushing & Earthmoving

As part of a two year interim tonnes project Cape Crushing required a new 300m overland conveyor and crushing station capable of reliably handling 1000 tonnes per hour of iron ore. The new plant had to integrate with the existing Nammuldi operations and be installed and commissioned within approximately 12 weeks. 

Process 26 successfully designed, procured and constructed a 300m tail driven conveyor within this short period. The works also included a new motor control centre and supporting infrastructure including a tramp metal magnet, weightometer and rock fall protection shedder. 

Intelligent engineering was applied during the design phase to enable simple redirection and reconfiguration of the overland conveyor at a later point in time. 

Process 26 also undertook the site engineering, assembly and installation of a free issued crushing station for Cape Crushing. 

These works included designing and installing power, controls and lighting for the crushing station.