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TAN Burrup Dry Materials Handling System

TAN Burrup Dry Materials Handling System

Burrup Peninsula, WA
Southern Cross Engineering 

Process 26 was contracted by Southern Cross Engineering to complete the installation of the dry materials handling equipment for a Technical Ammonium Nitrate (TAN) facility in Western Australia.
The equipment installed included:

  • Nine conveyors and three bucket elevators within the solid ammonium nitrate processing area. 
  • A bulk storage handling system comprising a tripper conveyor, bypass conveyor, a reclaim conveyor complete with loading hoppers and a screening station.
  • A truck loading system comprising two stainless steel silos and a shuttle conveyor.

Process 26 provided all management, engineering, supervision, labour and equipment required to carry out the works. All major aspects of the project were performed using internal resources, including the cladding of the truck load-out facility. 

The installation of the equipment was completed over a seven month period. Approximately 19,000 man hours of direct labour were expended and a TRIFR (total reportable injury frequency rate) of zero was achieved.